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Stroheim & Romann

Stroheim & Romann's newest collections capture all of the important trends that are impacting interior design in the new millennium. Strong color, lively patterns, and whimsical accents predominate, bringing a new emphasis to casual lifestyle looks that have become so popular. On the other hand, there is a greater appreciation for simple luxuries that only superlative home furnishings, including rich and elegant fabrics and wallpapers, can bring. Stroheim & Romann offers an unparalleled range of fabrics, complementary wallcoverings and trimmings.


Decorating a room with wallpaper has never been easier as Waverly introduces Waverly4, a new system that revolutionizes the installation and removal of wallpaper. With Waverly4 you prime and paste the wall, not the paper. The paste goes on blue so can tell at a glance if you've missed a spot, but dries to a clear finish. Once the paste is on, you simply apply the paper to the wall, smoothing and trimming it to fit. What could be easier? Or faster? In fact, Waverly4 installs in about 40 percent less time than it takes to install pre-pasted wallpapers, and there's no mess to cleanup afterward.


Thybony Paint & Wallcoverings is a family business dedicated to providing quality products and service to the public. Thybony offers a wide variety of wallcoverings for every room in your home.

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