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Lighting, A Very Key Design Element!

"Do NOT try to light the room, light the objects and pieces of the room." 

"You can spend a million dollars on your project, BUT; if you can't see it, your valuable time and effort are wasted."

Lighting must be controlled to be effective. There is no worse lighting scenario, unless it is your workshop than light from a ceiling fixture which is uncontrolled, allowing it to reflect and bounce from any and everywhere in the room including the glare in your eyes. 

Try to control lighting to accomplish the desired effect. 

Lighting is crucial to a successful project. Lighting adds drama, allows tasks to be performed comfortably and more easily; and, light allows for highlighting elements of your room to create a mood.

Lighting can draw attention to important details that require attention. (i.e. prints or paintings, art objects, or architectural features for furthering the mood element you have chosen). 

Lighting should be employed from different sources, and therefore different levels within the room. Floor and Table lamps, Picture lamps, Architectural lamps, Torcheres, and Wall Sconces, as well as Specialty lighting, are some good examples.

For your projects keep in mind: 

After you have planned your furniture layout wall hangings etc., then you need to plan your lighting. Remember, accomplish the desired effect. Employ light at differing heights within the room. Torchiere lights provide a wash of indirect light from the ceiling, table and floor lamps providing light at midpoint height as well as some to the ceiling, architectural lamps, providing light from the floor level upward, and picture lamps providing light at about the two-thirds height level down and the almost forgotten wall sconce, still a very viable esthetic and lighting tool. 

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Fredrick Cooper

In 1923, Mr. Frederick Cooper, a Chicago artist, established a studio specializing in sculpture and watercolor art. His work was so prized that he was asked to illuminate his sculptures by incorporating his works of art into lamps. The concept was embraced by the consuming public, and so initiated the recognition of Frederick Cooper as a leading manufacturer of high quality artistic portable lamps. Upon Frederick Cooper's retirement in 1945, Mr. Leo Gershanov and Mr. Ben Markle purchased the company. In the fifty-six years since then, Frederick Cooper has become established as the international leader in the design & manufacture of artistic lamps, sconces, and chandeliers.


Tyndale Lamps A Division of Fredrick Coop

The design focus at TYNDALE is on handcrafted materials, a blending of textures and mixing media, which results in a diverse yet distinctive line that appeals to tastes ranging from whimsical to tropical to modern and traditional, transitional, eclectic and international. As a result of the handcrafted nature of TYNDALE lamps, no two products ever appear absolutely identical. Each lamp and design has its own "uniqueness" and "one-of-a-kind" expression. 

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If you are doing a Southwestern theme, Arte de Mexico can be your one-stop design source for lighting fixtures, antler furniture, accessories, and wrought iron furniture. Arte de Mexico continually researches and explores throughout Mexico and Latin America, looking for authentic and unusual design ideas.