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Considering Newly Upholstered Furniture?
Upholstery is not a panacea to save money! It usually costs as much as a new piece or more......Here is why upholstering is such a good idea:

At Mohn Custom Interiors the fabrics that are available for selection are normally, easily 15 to 100 times better quality than the fabric found on most new furniture; as-well-as, many exclusive, unique designs. We have many very handsome and tough fabrics for the little ones or those heavy use areas.

 If the piece fits your use, space, and you like it; it makes very good sense to pursue upholstering.... as opposed to new. It is actually much much simpler, with our assistance, to select a fabric from the tens of thousands offered here. 

It is a very tiring experience, and often frustrating, spending time visiting the many furniture stores in order to find just the right piece, in just the right fabric. 

The quality of a piece is not readily apparent, The cheap price will not insure you of a quality job. Give it six months to a year of use, whether new or upholstered, and the quality of a great upholstery job will still be there! Its what's underneath that you cannot see, which is critical to the longevity and good visual aesthetics. 

At Mohn custom Interiors you work with an interior designer to insure the fabric meets your decorating needs, and integrates well into your existing environment. Or, perhaps to develop a new fresh look with several pieces. 

You Can relax, You have come to Mohn Custom Interiors. You already know the piece and its quality; and, you can be assured that the standards for craftsmanship are at their very highest. 

Here at Mohn Custom Interiors, we operate an on site workroom for drapery and window-treatments, as well as one for upholstering. 

Operating our own workrooms allows us to control the quality, design, and scheduling for our projects. It has been our tradition for over 35 years, and is a critical element of our goal for total customer satisfaction.