Mohn Custom Interiors

Interior Design

Working with an interior designer can be a very enlightening experience. Our designers will address thoughts, philosophies, and decorating ideas that are pertinent to your environment. Many consumers have a vague idea of what he or she would like to see develop from a project. Working with a design professional will enable full evaluation of the situation, and many very important elements will not be passed over. An in depth discussion of your particular wants and needs will allow us to incorporate your thoughts into the many steps of developing a perfect scenario.



Working with an interior designer takes much of the stress out of putting a project together. A reliable designer will not allow you to make mistakes in terms of color usage, mood, and character of the project. We begin by understanding your needs and desires for any particular area; then, we factor in known objects or items within the affected area which may limit or set the mood and character. These items may include the textures and colors of surrounding architectural features, or you might include existing furnishings. Perhaps even modify them to meet your own ideas. Working with an interior designer will save you money, time, and avoid disappointing outcomes. Call or email us 24-7 to schedule an appointment.